Summer Preperations 2015

Summer Prep

Every year I publish this picture to show the difference between what ladies have to do for Summer and what guys have to do. Every year what ladies have to do gets longer and the Men’s side stays exactly the same. Last year is a landmark year in that the Men get a new label. Shock! This year nothing has changed. Wow.

Not only do us ladies have to ensure our Summer Make up doesn’t run or smudge in the rain and hopefully sometime during this Summer, heat; we have to ensure it photographs well in our obligatory selfies that now get posted on Instagram or appear in Vine movies. Also as your hands are in shot so often when you Selfie, you have to get some beautiful nail art; well just ensure they are manicured. OK, tidy at least. Looking good for Summer is hard work, which is why in general I am a Winter Girl.

The Men never have any prep to do. However this year they have something that has happened to their Summer Shorts. There is a faded pocket, gained from the wear and tear of them carrying a smart phone. This new phenomena is only now just becoming visible, as it takes over 6 months to develop. It’s not always in that front pocket either. Have fun spotting it this year.


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