January Fresh Starts.

January Fresh Starts.

January was named after the Roman God Janus who was god of Beginnings, Endings, all Transitions, doorways, including those in a persons life and celebrated at Births, Marriages and Death. He also ruled the journeys and the passage of objects, this included harbors and sailing. He has two faces because he has to look forward into the future and back into the past and is both young impetuous Sun and old wise Moon, yet neither. In holding a key in his right hand, the promise of locking something in the past or unlocking a promising future, he represents the free flowing of time and Luck.

Janus marble headBeing in charge of war the peace you could assuage his help by his temple doors being open at the start of a war and closed in peacetime when he wasn’t needed. Therefore Janus was the best god to preside over the ending of the old year and the first month of the year. Most ancient religions have a god with similar functions to Janus but there is only one who does it all, enter the Hindu god Ganesh who has virtually the same roles.

 Many New Years are calculated by the lunar calendars, which makes a lot more sense as this divides the year up equally into 12 cycles This matches how our bodies naturally work with the World itself, having 3 months to each season; explaining why Eid, Rosh Hashanah and Chinese New Year all seem to move about in the year.

Our Christian calendar also taken from the Roman calendar is also inaccurate as historically January and February were one month, explaining why September, October, November and December meaning seventh, eighth, ninth and tenth month are called so.

Also you have at least two fortuitous times each month to do something differently, the Full and New Moons. This Lunar cyclic way of living was followed by the ancients and has been taken up recently by specialist farmers who call it Bio Dynamic Farming.

Following this cycle, you should do things, which you want to grow or start fresh as the moon isMoon Phases waxing after a New Moon up until the Full Moon. If you want to stop something, use the period after a Full Moon as it is waning to become the New Moon. The New and Full Moons act as your cut off points, giving you have 24 attempts a year to get things right; so there really is no pressure to be perfect first time. Personally I have found this really works so I urge you to try it out.

Now you have this knowledge, there really is no reason to have New Year’s Resolutions in January, or have them at all. Given how sad and bleak the first month of the Christian calendar year can be, this is happy news indeed.

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