Wardrobe Warrior’s Sexy Winter Layer wearing for Novices

Dressing sexily for the cold weather is impossible. Wrong! The art of wearing Sexy Winter layers is quite easy and I have learned this by watching the past Misstresses of this forgotton art, the stars of silver screen so here are my guides for  Winter wearing for Novices. I don’t do rules!

Grace Kelly- teen model

A teen Grace Kelly works an embellished jumper.

The layering habit is fantastic as you can slowly and subtly reveal skin as the night wears on.  Ensure the peices are of a tactile nature such as cashmnere, fluffy angora, glamorous fake fur and luxurious velvet. These fabrics beg to touched so you don’t have to. If you aren’t eventually going to end up somewhere with heating there are some things that you can do to look sexy in the cold.

Good layering staples are a simple cotton vests and long sleeeved cotton tops. Wear them under your fablous dress making a statement especially if it is white. This is a tactic beloved of Alexa Chung as she doesn’t do cleavege or any kind of sexy. This tactic works a treat for the office and can help you get more than one look from one dress.  Putting your jumper over the dress so it looks like a skirt is another look and this is fabulous if you have a heavily embellished dress and want to get more than one wear from. I am addicted to cashmere jumpers, I wear them all Winter and in the half Summer we have in Britian I wear cotton /cashmere or cotton / cashmere and silk mix. I also feel the cold so learned early how to wear layers.

Sophia Loren in a Jumper

Sophia Loren relaxes in a tight jumper and scarlet lip.

If the jumper is the star of the show  i.e  there is a fabulous pattern  like Grace Kelly models above or it is of the angora kind make sure the bottom is simple and plain.  A pencil skirt and heels will up the glamour factor or a simple trouser in a basic building colour should be worn. If it is cold and the jumper alone will not suffice under your coat ensure the items underneath is sleek to trap air. Trapping layers of air is the key to keeping warm whtch is why I think synthetic puffas don’t work as they lie in the coat in one layer and feathers lie on top of each other creating multiple overlapping layers inside. Sophia Loren wears her sleek jumper I’m sure she would wear a fitted coat atop that ensemble.

Vibrant red Dolce and Gabana coat.

Vibrant red Dolce and Gabana coat.

Wear a ccat in a flattering sillouhette for you is the last and filan step and please step away from black! Pick a vibrant colour that suits you and makes you happy. A coat is the  one thing that you wear daily for maybe 6 months of the year (uless like me you have lots of them!) and is  first thing people see as you meet them and the last when you leave; so go with a colour you love. If you don’t like the prevelant pastel pink right now  there are vibrant reds and fuschias which you can compliment with your gloss or noisturising lipstick.

embellished beanie

A rebellious punk studded beanie with attitude.

Wear something that frames your face in a good way like a fur collar which you can add on to any coat which ramps up the drama. ASOS, River Island and the late lamented Tie Rack have really cheap ones. Also a cute little embellished beanie keeps your head warm and doesn’t hide your face. Customising it yourself with quirky buttons of badges can be a good talking point.

A big fake fur collar dresses up the most mundane of coats or jackets.

A big fake fur collar dresses up the most mundane of coats or jackets.

The power of scent is not to be sniffed at, if you pardon my pun. When you are washing your winter clothes and jumpers pop a few drops of  Cinnamon  or sensual Ylang ylang (my favourite) in with the conditioner for a subtle feel good aura. This works for you making you feel happy and those close to you and leaving a lovely lingering image in the mind of your potential someone.  Yes you can wash most jumpers these days on a very cool short wash and then shape whilst damp and hang to dry naturally.

Remember Winter layering is all about the  final silhouette. Get out there and be that Snow Goddess.

Go with Glamour.

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