Beat the Heat with Wardrobe Warrior.

It’s scorching hot outside and you have got to get out to work and afterwards you have that hot date. You feel so hot you could fry an egg on your tummy. Worry not there are a few tricks to help you remain super slick and stylish no matter what the mercury says.

Make Up.

Nicole Ritchie top knot and blunt fringe

Nicole Ritchie works the easy Summer top knot with a smokey eye.

Yes it’s fun to put your primer and eye gels in the fridge, so that when you apply it in the morning it feels cool against your skin. You can put in your khol too  but that makes it  so hard  it won’t smudge so compromise. Put your pencil in until it’s hard then sharpen it, let it get soft and smudge it sexily around your eyes and brush over it a sparkling eye colour. This sets the kohl and stops it sliding quickly in the heat and coloured eyeshadow adds an alluring flash of light. Black khol with purple, navy or dark green look great, brown with a gold, green or a shimmering pink look great. It will smudge but when it does it will look like you’ve spent a long time doing a glimmering eye, a win.

Heat and oily skin are not the best comnination I know from experience but  if you suffer from this on your

Krysten Ritter works a bun and full drama eyes and a red lip.

Krysten Ritter works a bun and full drama eyes and a red lip.

eyelids  and you will still find your eyeshadow sliding off even with eye primer change the order of application. Put on your regular primier and them put your powder foundation all over your face including your eye, then you put on your eye primer then your shadow. It seems wrong but it works a treat.

Last weird tip is about hairspray, not just for those fly away wispy strands on your head, oh no. Close your eyes and mist it gently over your face, then spritz with water. The hairspray locks your makeup in place and the water rehydrates. This is an extreme measure so do not do this very often.


Emma shows how to work a slicked back short crop and still look glamorous.

EmmaWatson shows how to work a slicked back short crop and still look glamorous.

When working you can’t always put conditioner in your hair to stop it frizzing but you can use a hair oil and scent it with a few drops of fragrant scented oil. This can protect and nourish your hair and is much better than spraying perfume into your hair which can damage it. There are several hair fragrances on the market but making your own special unique blend is more fun.

Putting semi damp hair into a loose  wound bun  or into a plait or two is not only practical but come the night time when you let your hair down, not only will it be in good condition because of your hair oil but it should have dried into fantastic waves. This style only needs to be separated with your fingers it’s so easy and looks

sexy white dress

a white dress doesn’t have to be demure, it can be subvesively sex.

effortlesslly sexy.


Yes it’s the season of white floaty dresses but there’s more to summer clothes than looking like a milk maid, ( It’sof fun sometimes!) you can subvert this innocent look, see the suprisingly sexy dresson the right.  There is a whole world of loose cotton palazzo trousers that cover your legs just as well as a long skirt, bonus you will also be able to wear them through next season if you accessorise correctly. See Charliz Theron  below for inspiration. You can wear a fun cute playsuite and mix it up with tough brouges and a bomber or make it extra feminine with this seasons floral plastic accesories and a floppy hat.

There are no colour rules anymore, wear black but make it sheer and lacy, wear neons but get them in sporty shaped clothes and wear flowers any way you want, it’s the season. If you are tall or curvy ensure the patterns are bold or abstract, the ditsy prints are best left to petite and athletic ladies or on accessories and you are good to go!

Charlize Theron in grey palazzo pants.

Charlize Theron works a palazzo pant and chiffon top as an alternative evening attire.

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