Wardrobe Warrior’s Hero Items.

You leave your home at 9am and its freezing cold. By lunchtime you are roasting hot and you shed the jumper but by tea time you are caught in a downpour and its freezing again. What do you do?

Burberry's Trenchcoat

Classic Burberry Lightweight Trenchcoat.

The humble Trenchcoat is the answer to this dilemma. Originally created for Officers and above in the forces, this garment made from waterproofed gaberdine fabric is intended for inclement weather with a removable warm lining.  Traditionally they should have 10 buttons, be double-breasted, have epaulettes, belted wrists and with belt in the same fabric, a storm closing and if you are a purist the gun flap on the shoulder. These  were smart yet  roomy enough to put layers underneath to combat the cold and had a detachable winter lining. Traditional colours are Stone (beige ) Khaki and Navy.

The first company to make these for civilians was Aquascutum  (latin for water  + shield )in 1851 with Burberry’s patenting theirs in 1901. I have both a Burberry and 2 Aquascutums and on a practical level I wear my Aqua’s more and am happy to see I’m in great company with Greta Garbo, Cary Grant and Peter Sellers pictured in my coats…

What  to go for. The basic idea if female is to get a size too big so you can layer a jacket under it if you don’t have a detachable warm lining for colder times.

Styling. Always tie your self belt  or if you can, a half knot at the back which can really cinch in the waist. If you  use a contrasting belt, buckle up tight but don’t use the belt loops on your coat.Peter Sellers as Chief Inspector Clouseau in t...

If you are quite blessed in the top region, get the man’s version. This is the only double-breasted garment that flatters. It’s also much sexier.

Length. Knee length and  longer is best  as it will work with both maxi and mini hem lengths.

Colour. Stone or Navy are  the best colours to get. If you are going to get black,  get it in leather…

There are funky colours and shorter lengths which have  their place but the coat that adheres to these suggestions is the one that you will reach for time and time again.

Go with Glamour.

Wardrobe Warrior.

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