Popstars, The Musical, The Reflex- Duran Duran!(no gallery)

Random sections of the last story for you guys to see. I was a proper New Romantic hanging out in the clubs and Kings Road with my idols Duran Duran, Culture Club etc. As Duran Duran played a fantastic set on their  UK TV show on the night of Sunday 20th I thought I’d share one of my favourite songs from their archives, The Reflex.  

I did a story a year throughout the 80’s but I have to save them for publishing.  If anyone has a song request from an 80’s year if its in any of my musicals I will publish it. Thank you to everyone who is following me. If you like this and you’re looking at this on twitter please retweet. If you like this and you are reading this via facebook please forward the link to everyone you know as it would be nice to know that other people are reading and enjoying. Cheers!




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